18 Apr 2020
FCPS End of Season Hockey, Netball and Rugby Reports


U13 1st Boys - Coach: Ed Marland

Full colours (National Finalists): Oliver Ford, Jo Slater, Alfie Paffett, Felix Lagerberg, Riley Nicholls, Nicolas Urquart-Pearce, Zach Gandy

Re awards (full): Ned Hayward, Freddie Paffett, Ben Currie

Half colours: None awarded

U13 2nd Boys - Coach: Rob Earl

This was a very positive season for the 2nd VII. Training with the 1sts helped to improve both individual techniques and the speed of decision making. The matches saw some fluent passing and moving, particularly so early in the term before energy levels dropped. One area that does need further work is shooting at goal as some are rather reluctant to hit the ball from the top of the ‘D’. If an improvement can be made here then the current Year 8’s should hopefully find themselves in the selection mix for next season’s Under 14A 11-a-side team.

U13 3rd Boys - Coach: Simon Means

The 3rd team had a memorable season where, other than two narrow losses, they were unbeaten. Both these matches could have been wins based on the number of shots saved by the opposition keeper. A good mix of experience and enthusiasm meant that the boys were able to demonstrate some strong ball skills and never let their heads drop if they went behind. Highlight of the season was a 4-3 win against Culford when the boys found themselves 3-0 down at half time. What a fantastic comeback and credit is due to all the 16 players who represented the 3rd team this year.

U13 4ths Boys - Coach: Harvey Finbow

The boys 4th team hockey had a varied hockey season, with players shuffling and competition for places was strong. No two weeks had the same team, goals were plenty and so was team spirit. Playing Gresham's and Felsted was a great test for our boys. The boys had a brilliant passing game that evolved over the season and being clinical infront of goal was of paramount importance when it came to 4th hockey! The boys enjoyed a very successful season on and off the field and hockey was the real winner at the end of the day!

U13 5th Boys - Coach: James Ridge and Mitchell Turner U13

Most Improved Player: Callum Ventham

U11 A Boys - Coach: Sam Rowe

On paper, it may appear as if the U11 Boys had a tough season and not gained much from such a season; however, there was a huge amount of development and improvement across the short space of time in individuals and as a team. Credit must go to each and every single one of the 11 players who represented the team across the term, who performed with maturity and never let the scoreline get the better of them – aware of the fact that at this point in their development it really was immaterial. At both the in2hockey County Finals and IAPS Area Finals, the boys didn’t progress to the next stages; yet, they made huge strides as a group on these days in particular, often producing their best hockey at the end of the day. With a large proportion of the squad being Year 5, it bodes well for next season where hopefully these individuals can use the experiences gained this year to good effect. However, they will have to fill the shoes of the departing Year 6’s who progress into the senior teams at the Prep School and I wish them the best of luck.

Full colours: Jasper Marvell, Otto Bailie and Oliver Russell

Half colours: T Gandy, Aden Ventham, Tom Cooper

U11 B Boys - Coach: Carlos Reynell

U11 C Boys - Coach: Maddie Anthony

The U11C boys had a turbulent start to the season but showed real determination to improve throughout the term. With lots of year 5 boys in the team we struggled against some of our opposition physically, but this is was a really good test for the boys to see how they worked as a team to try and overcome this. The U11Cs occasionally lacked concentration but they made up for it in enthusiasm. They worked hard in training and matches on their distribution of the ball, which they soon realised was the key to successful attacks. All of the boys can now try to improve their work rate off the ball, as that often prevented them being able to move up the pitch into the opposition D. Their confidence cannot be faulted and over the course of the season they began to see better score lines and finished the season with a brilliant win. All the boys should be really proud of their efforts.

U11 D Boys - Coach: Dom Wade

U11 E Boys - Coach: James Loveridge

The U11Es (or ‘The Eagles’) should be incredibly proud of their progress this term. All of the boys finished the season with a greater sense of confidence due to all of the hard work they put into mastering the skills we have focused on in training sessions. Results have demonstrated pleasing progress and I cannot fault their commitment and levels of desire - they were a credit to their school.

U11 F Boys - Coach: Darren Bilton

A fantastic season for the U11F Boys who started and ended with impressive wins against St Felix. Initially, they began a little tentative in training sessions, working on their stick control and positional play. However, their ability to learn quickly, meant that these basic skills were rapidly acquired. A number moved on to the E team and established themselves and made valuable contributions in matches. It was lovely to see some students find ‘their sport’ and really start to enjoy being in a competitive team environment. I will continue to watch them with real interest, as I am sure some will make further significant improvements and challenge for places in the higher teams next season.

U11 Most Improved Player: Toby Brice

U9 A Girls - Coach: Georgina Kingstone

The Year 3 and 4 girls have enjoyed a positive hockey season and shown huge potential. They have dominated their circuit of opponents and rarely been challenged week to week. It would have been more beneficial for them to play U11 boys in hindsight. The season didn't allow this to happen. Their skills and understanding of the game is beyond what is expected of this age group. They play a mature game of hockey with no weak links or reliance on certain individuals. It was a disappointing end with the disruptions to their hockey festival as it would have been inspiring for them to be presented with medals from ex pupils who now represent their country. I have found the format of the game frustrating at times, a free hit from outside the D for this age group (for feet in the D for example, when a short corner would normally be awarded) is not advantageous for them. All up for 4/5 a side. I am certain a large amount of this team will make up the significant part of the U11 A team next season.

U9 B Girls - Coach: Maddie Anthony

The U9B girls have shown grit and determination in very tough conditions over the past term. They have played against a varied level of abilities this season. This has meant we have had some very dominant wins and usually only had closely contested matches, or been beaten narrowly when we have played opposition A squads. These girls have benefitted from playing multiple matches on fixture afternoons in the style of a festival. Playing against two or three different oppositions is much better for their level of concentration. For this squad it seems much more effective to let them play and only blow the whistle when extremely necessary. The girls have always worked hard and are very encouraging to one another, which has allowed the year 3s in particular to grow in strength and skill They should now be able to transfer what they have learnt to the new players next season. All the girls should be really proud of their efforts.

U9 C Girls - Coach: Isabelle IdePodesta

The U9Cs have shown positive progression throughout the hockey season. The work the PE staff did last academic year with the Year 3s exposing them to the astro at the College in the summer term has definitely helped and secured a solid foundation. The team improved their skills as individuals as well as developed team tactics and techniques. They have shown focus during training and improved their hockey confidence. The girls have enjoyed match days and always tried their up most adapted to a variety of position on the pitch. The Year 3s and 4s have progressed from playing as individuals to working together as a team and thinking with tactical manoeuvres towards scoring multiple goals throughout their matches. Thanks to coaching expertise from Sam Rowe and Jamie Kingstone the U9Cs conclude they season with with a new and developed collection of skills to take through to next years hockey season. The girls have been lucky enough to benefit from a full team of games teachers which is no doubt the reason behind their progress - high ratio of teacher to pupil. May their power, enthusiasm and teamwork continue into next year. Great efforts girls for a fantastic unbeaten season!

U9 Most Improved Player: Lucy Dinmore


U13 1st Girls - Coach: Donna Finch

Full colours: Mim Marvell, Hannah-Grace Strover, Beth Gardens, India Prince

Half colours: Tilly Wayman, Emily Brayshaw, Poppy Dring-Richardson

U13 2nd Girls - Coach: Keely Ball

U13 3rd Girls - Coach: Anja Wimmer

The 3rds have had a great Netball season this year and have been a real pleasure to coach. The girls have had some cracking wins against; Town Close, Finborough, Culford, Orwell Park and Felsted. Therefore, only losing two of their games! They have fought hard and played well despite the weather and their opponents. Their enthusiasm and passion towards training and the matches has greatly influenced their play and given them the results they’ve worked hard for.

U13 4th Girls - Coach: Minty Long

The 4ths netball team have had a good season, with a mixture of great wins and some losses. The girls have worked hard, and great improvement has been made in their footwork and ability to feed the ball into the D. Consistency in shooting was key as well, and there was a good number of children with accurate shooting skills, notably though the two sisters Eleanor and Frances Carvill worked really well as a Goal Attack and Goal Shooting combination.

U13 5th Girls - Coach: Claire Bridges

U13 Most Improved Player: Emily Blois

U11 A Girls - Coach: Emily King

Full colours: Matilda Blake, Jess Lamprell, Alice Laurie, Grace Gurr, Pip Stimpson

Half colours: Freya Drury, Evie Tassell, Lexi Swartz

We had a relatively small group this year so they should have been a fairly easy group to teach, however there was a big gulf between the A team and everyone else. Partly due to the fact that the A team are especially talented in this year group. It won't be such a factor next year. We have also accelerated the A team due to their involvement in club and county netball and this is something we should look to continue to find ways to support if we want to produce talented teams. The quality of coaching through the teams is also something to consider. We continue to lack netball specialists and so if you're not selected at this age into the A/B squad there is a danger of your progress being stilted.
We were too strong for almost all the schools we played. There were a couple of games that were really frustrating (Holmwood was one, Littlegarth too) where we were asked to swap positions before matches even started. Always completely happy to do this so as not to have a massacre but it became the norm every week so that the team never really got stretched and didn't know how to cope when they were.
I'm not sure I ever had their positions correct because I didn't get enough opportunity to see them play flat out for a whole match. The exception to this was Orwell which is always a good game.
Of course this is so hard to schedule for because our teams will be different. I can't see us being that strong at U11 next year but the year after should be good again. Holmwood were probably the ones that really stood out as being poor, although they claimed half their school were in France so who knows what they'll be like in future.
More tournaments would be great to get a mixture of games. I know Ipswich does an U11 one on a Saturday and I'm sure there are others.
I think we could have loftier ambitions for netball in terms of our competitors - Felsted, Norwich maybe, Ipswich I think would all be stronger than some of the others we play. We could definitely look to compete on that level.
Finally, balance of home and away games, not sure what happened but I think 2 out of 8 matches were scheduled to be played at home. That's quite rubbish if you're a parent and want to watch.

U11 B Girls - Coach: Pip Hamer

U11 C Girls - Coach: Nic Miller

U11 D Girls - Coach: Maria V

U11 Most Improved Player: Hope Sheepshanks


U9 A Boys - Coach: Mitchell Turner

U9 B Boys - Coach: Richard Daykin

U8 A Boys - Coach: Harvey Finbow

The U8A's have relished in an unbeaten season, through contact and tag the boys have come out stronger the other side as players and boys. They have healed as a team and have bonded well. The rugby on show has continued to impress, a naturally skilled team who play with power and cut throat precision. The implementation of contact into the sessions has really benefitted their confidence levels but also their rugby ability. It is great to see so many young faces enjoying their rugby. It would be great to see as many new faces on the club scene causing as much destruction as they did at school level. Top work lads!

U9 Most Improved Player - Teddy Philips